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gene_id species strand chr outlier
SMO200G0171 smo - scaffold_43 No
SMO230G0090 smo - scaffold_57 No
SMO361G0198 smo - scaffold_2 No
SMO361G0525 smo - scaffold_2 No
Sobic.001G458200 sbi - Chr01 No
Sobic.003G007650 sbi - Chr03 No
Sobic.004G175900 sbi - Chr04 No
Sobic.004G178700 sbi - Chr04 No
Sobic.004G179100 sbi + Chr04 No
Solyc02g072130.2 sly + SL2.50ch02 No
Solyc10g007390.2 sly - SL2.50ch10 No
Spipo20G0015700 spo + pseudo20 No
TAE00337G002 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_435757_5DL No
TAE03303G002 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_406343_5BL No
TAE05146G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_435632_5DL No
TAE07714G002 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_289164_4AL No
TAE11117G002 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_306291_4AS No
TAE21006G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_322060_4BL No
TAE23666G001 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_343670_4DL No
TAE24369G001 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_322775_4BL No

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