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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PAB00017993 pab - MA_1077930 No
PAB00032752 pab - MA_216716 No
PAB00036148 pab + MA_298968 No
PAB00049168 pab + MA_62922 No
PAB00061189 pab - MA_9082972 No
PEQU_14652 peq - Scaffold000517 No
PEQU_15065 peq - Scaffold000422 No
PEQU_22926 peq + Scaffold000715 No
PEQU_22934 peq + Scaffold000715 No
PH01000053G2340 ped + PH01000053 No
PH01000250G0800 ped + PH01000250 No
PH01000372G0270 ped + PH01000372 No
PH01000942G0540 ped + PH01000942 No
Potri.006G154000 ptr + Chr06 No
Potri.018G069900 ptr - Chr18 No
Pp3c12_22980 ppa + Chr12 No
Pp3c3_36260 ppa + Chr03 No
Pp3c4_3530 ppa + Chr04 No
Pp3c8_3630 ppa + Chr08 No
Seita.2G319100 sit + scaffold_2 No

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