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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PEQU_12796 peq - Scaffold000055 No
PH01000081G1510 ped - PH01000081 No
PH01000285G1100 ped - PH01000285 No
PH01004979G0080 ped + PH01004979 No
Potri.005G110000 ptr - Chr05 No
Potri.010G184700 ptr - Chr10 No
Pp3c12_21430 ppa + Chr12 No
Pp3c12_21520 ppa - Chr12 No
Pp3c3_37470 ppa + Chr03 No
Pp3c8_990 ppa - Chr08 No
Seita.6G118000 sit + scaffold_6 No
Seita.8G129900 sit - scaffold_8 No
Seita.8G224500 sit + scaffold_8 No
Seita.8G226700 sit + scaffold_8 No
Seita.9G535100 sit - scaffold_9 No
SMO115G0083 smo + scaffold_14 No
Sobic.001G499200 sbi - Chr01 No
Sobic.005G209500 sbi + Chr05 No
Solyc02g083540.2 sly - SL2.50ch02 No
Solyc03g095820.2 sly - SL2.50ch03 No

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