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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OsR498G1019138700.01 osaindica + Chr10 No
PAB00003033 pab + MA_10272693 No
PAB00009990 pab + MA_10430496 No
PAB00022293 pab - MA_133755 No
PEQU_00821 peq + Scaffold000002 No
PEQU_05701 peq - Scaffold000107 No
PEQU_20800 peq + Scaffold000288 No
PEQU_26462 peq + Scaffold000657 No
PEQU_33982 peq - Scaffold001172 No
PEQU_38027 peq + Scaffold200310 No
PEQU_39187 peq - Scaffold220336 No
PEQU_40054 peq - Scaffold197195 No
PH01000010G2350 ped - PH01000010 No
PH01000021G0800 ped - PH01000021 No
PH01000140G1120 ped - PH01000140 No
PH01000157G0210 ped + PH01000157 No
PH01001306G0400 ped + PH01001306 No
Potri.003G129200 ptr - Chr03 No
Potri.012G144000 ptr - Chr12 No
Potri.015G146800 ptr - Chr15 No

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