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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PEQU_05788 peq - Scaffold000107 No
PH01000168G0780 ped + PH01000168 No
PH01001600G0220 ped + PH01001600 No
PH01239508G0010 ped - PH01239508 No
Potri.006G014500 ptr + Chr06 No
Potri.006G014600 ptr + Chr06 Yes
Potri.006G014700 ptr - Chr06 No
Seita.2G116300 sit - scaffold_2 No
Seita.8G072100 sit - scaffold_8 No
Seita.8G072200 sit - scaffold_8 No
Seita.8G072300 sit - scaffold_8 No
Seita.8G072500 sit - scaffold_8 No
Seita.9G182000 sit - scaffold_9 Yes
Seita.9G352700 sit + scaffold_9 No
Seita.9G352800 sit + scaffold_9 No
Seita.9G352900 sit + scaffold_9 No
Seita.9G496000 sit + scaffold_9 No
Sobic.001G183500 sbi - Chr01 No
Sobic.001G324500 sbi + Chr01 No
Sobic.001G324600 sbi + Chr01 No

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