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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PAB00046033 pab - MA_538167 No
PAB00046922 pab - MA_5637103 No
PAB00049192 pab + MA_629986 No
PAB00052173 pab - MA_711045 No
PAB00054081 pab - MA_75882 No
PAB00054219 pab + MA_7620865 No
PAB00058718 pab + MA_865197 No
PAB00059010 pab + MA_870 No
PAB00064588 pab + MA_9600 No
PEQU_00608 peq + Scaffold000002 No
PEQU_12477 peq + Scaffold000488 No
PEQU_20097 peq + Scaffold001314 No
PEQU_33537 peq + Scaffold205491 No
PEQU_38821 peq - Scaffold196490 No
PEQU_40758 peq - Scaffold196477 No
PH01000068G1050 ped + PH01000068 No
PH01000138G1000 ped + PH01000138 No
PH01000236G0490 ped + PH01000236 No
PH01000426G0470 ped + PH01000426 No
PH01000622G0770 ped + PH01000622 No

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