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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Sobic.003G254700 sbi - Chr03 No
Sobic.006G002600 sbi + Chr06 No
Sobic.009G026101 sbi + Chr09 No
Sobic.009G229300 sbi + Chr09 No
Sobic.010G136250 sbi + Chr10 No
Solyc04g076920.2 sly - SL2.50ch04 No
Solyc08g068430.2 sly + SL2.50ch08 No
Solyc09g007420.2 sly - SL2.50ch09 No
Solyc11g071230.1 sly - SL2.50ch11 No
Spipo23G0032500 spo - pseudo23 No
Spipo29G0019200 spo - pseudo29 No
Spipo9G0032100 spo - pseudo9 No
TAE02561G001 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_178233_2DS No
TAE02561G002 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_178233_2DS No
TAE04139G002 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_272567_3DS No
TAE05578G006 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_030633_1BL No
TAE06447G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_178566_2DS No
TAE10251G002 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_225081_3B No
TAE12377G001 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_322435_4BL No
TAE14615G003 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_146199_2BS No

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