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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Potri.014G110000 ptr + Chr14 No
Potri.014G171800 ptr - Chr14 No
Potri.017G001700 ptr - Chr17 No
Pp3c11_5720 ppa - Chr11 No
Pp3c11_8270 ppa + Chr11 No
Pp3c14_12850 ppa - Chr14 No
Pp3c17_13940 ppa + Chr17 No
Pp3c19_8410 ppa + Chr19 No
Pp3c1_3040 ppa - Chr01 No
Pp3c1_31540 ppa - Chr01 No
Pp3c2_35010 ppa - Chr02 No
Pp3c7_20320 ppa - Chr07 No
Pp3c7_20690 ppa + Chr07 No
Pp3c7_22280 ppa - Chr07 No
Pp3s127_20 ppa + scaffold_127 No
Seita.1G244200 sit - scaffold_1 No
Seita.2G094900 sit - scaffold_2 No
Seita.2G168000 sit - scaffold_2 No
Seita.3G133300 sit - scaffold_3 No
Seita.5G237300 sit + scaffold_5 No

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