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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PH01003044G0080 ped + PH01003044 No
PH01003569G0110 ped - PH01003569 No
PH01005027G0020 ped - PH01005027 Yes
Potri.001G405700 ptr + Chr01 No
Potri.002G071400 ptr - Chr02 No
Potri.004G035900 ptr - Chr04 No
Potri.004G204600 ptr - Chr04 No
Potri.005G000300 ptr + Chr05 No
Potri.005G000600 ptr + Chr05 No
Potri.005G188200 ptr + Chr05 No
Potri.009G165600 ptr - Chr09 No
Potri.011G044200 ptr - Chr11 No
Potri.018G062600 ptr - Chr18 No
Pp3c10_9420 ppa - Chr10 No
Pp3c11_20710 ppa - Chr11 No
Pp3c12_10740 ppa + Chr12 No
Pp3c13_18320 ppa + Chr13 No
Pp3c1_20320 ppa + Chr01 No
Pp3c25_2510 ppa - Chr25 No
Pp3c4_13960 ppa + Chr04 No

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