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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PAB00017283 pab - MA_10437245 No
PAB00017338 pab - MA_104378 No
PAB00023136 pab - MA_13898 Yes
PAB00041220 pab + MA_42009 No
PAB00064120 pab - MA_954206 No
PAB00064223 pab - MA_955725 No
PEQU_03099 peq - Scaffold000002 No
PEQU_12947 peq + Scaffold000167 No
PEQU_12955 peq + Scaffold000167 No
PEQU_15833 peq + Scaffold000333 No
PEQU_26311 peq - Scaffold000919 Yes
PEQU_27739 peq - Scaffold000636 No
PEQU_39606 peq + Scaffold200806 No
PH01000000G5370 ped + PH01000000 No
PH01000040G1920 ped + PH01000040 No
PH01000272G0900 ped - PH01000272 No
PH01000658G0740 ped - PH01000658 No
PH01000724G0230 ped + PH01000724 No
PH01000804G0520 ped - PH01000804 No
PH01001015G0380 ped - PH01001015 No

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