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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Bradi1g29840 bdi + Bd1 No
Bradi1g39346 bdi - Bd1 Yes
Bradi1g53490 bdi - Bd1 No
Bradi1g60217 bdi - Bd1 No
Bradi1g62770 bdi - Bd1 No
Bradi2g60990 bdi + Bd2 No
Bradi5g18390 bdi - Bd5 No
Cre02.g105350 cre + chromosome_2 No
Cre12.g502400 cre - chromosome_12 No
EGU1194G0001 egu + NW_011554720.1 No
EGU1386G0001 egu - NW_011551426.1 No
EGU1474G0372 egu + NC_026005.1 No
EGU1634G0795 egu + NC_026001.1 No
EGU2441G2435 egu - NC_025993.1 No
GSVIVG01005282001 vvi + chr7_random No
GSVIVG01006710001 vvi + chrUn No
GSVIVG01010042001 vvi + chr18 No
GSVIVG01014421001 vvi + chr19 No
GSVIVG01015052001 vvi + chr11 No
GSVIVG01023892001 vvi + chr3 No

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