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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PAB00004443 pab + MA_10350408 No
PAB00007821 pab + MA_10428244 No
PAB00017771 pab + MA_106710 No
PAB00017772 pab + MA_106710 No
PAB00035969 pab + MA_294971 Yes
PAB00041426 pab + MA_423956 No
PAB00050566 pab + MA_66695 No
PAB00051838 pab - MA_7016387 No
PEQU_06215 peq + Scaffold000094 No
PEQU_13146 peq - Scaffold000803 No
PEQU_14105 peq + Scaffold000507 No
PEQU_18039 peq + Scaffold000232 No
PEQU_22369 peq - Scaffold000302 No
PEQU_22699 peq - Scaffold000598 No
PEQU_40807 peq + Scaffold208567 No
PEQU_41874 peq + Scaffold215001 No
PH01000018G2540 ped + PH01000018 No
PH01000139G0410 ped + PH01000139 No
PH01000197G1100 ped + PH01000197 No
PH01000223G1250 ped - PH01000223 No

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