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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PAB00032464 pab + MA_212283 No
PAB00037321 pab + MA_32778 No
PAB00037739 pab - MA_338119 No
PAB00040449 pab - MA_40288 No
PAB00041391 pab - MA_423312 No
PAB00042253 pab + MA_445275 No
PAB00043631 pab - MA_4774837 No
PAB00046138 pab + MA_5416327 No
PAB00047117 pab - MA_56973 No
PAB00047386 pab - MA_5775410 No
PAB00047540 pab + MA_58218 No
PAB00051264 pab - MA_68643 No
PAB00052034 pab + MA_707207 No
PAB00054550 pab + MA_77009 No
PAB00060514 pab - MA_8975376 No
PAB00060797 pab - MA_901946 No
PAB00061629 pab + MA_9154315 No
PAB00062072 pab + MA_923117 No
PAB00062157 pab - MA_9244164 No
PAB00063535 pab + MA_9455825 Yes

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