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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PAB00060793 pab - MA_9018915 No
PAB00061173 pab - MA_9080106 Yes
PAB00062082 pab + MA_9232079 Yes
PAB00065859 pab + MA_98818 No
PAB00066384 pab - MA_9968645 No
PEQU_07344 peq + Scaffold000202 No
PEQU_15548 peq - Scaffold000188 No
PEQU_15822 peq - Scaffold000606 No
PEQU_16167 peq - Scaffold000151 No
PEQU_29192 peq + Scaffold000969 No
PEQU_29242 peq + Scaffold000516 No
PEQU_30702 peq - Scaffold234178 No
PEQU_38086 peq - Scaffold000747 No
PH01000002G2090 ped - PH01000002 No
PH01000092G0800 ped + PH01000092 No
PH01000609G0250 ped - PH01000609 No
PH01000677G0440 ped + PH01000677 No
PH01000677G0470 ped + PH01000677 No
PH01000677G0490 ped + PH01000677 No
PH01000723G0680 ped + PH01000723 No

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