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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OsR498G1018542200.01 osaindica - Chr10 No
PAB00001796 pab + MA_101803 No
PAB00009722 pab + MA_10430235 No
PAB00011202 pab - MA_10431701 No
PAB00016282 pab + MA_10436535 Yes
PAB00018326 pab - MA_109827 No
PAB00018488 pab + MA_110910 No
PAB00019624 pab + MA_1166338 No
PAB00019831 pab - MA_117831 No
PAB00034745 pab - MA_263703 Yes
PAB00036165 pab - MA_299456 No
PAB00039656 pab + MA_38322 Yes
PAB00046993 pab + MA_565753 No
PAB00047103 pab - MA_569386 Yes
PAB00051610 pab - MA_69583 Yes
PAB00053315 pab + MA_7398 No
PAB00057135 pab - MA_8311430 No
PAB00057479 pab + MA_83844 Yes
PAB00058344 pab - MA_8577367 No
PAB00060290 pab + MA_8936 No

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