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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Mapoly0011s0086 mpo + scaffold_11 No
Mapoly0023s0138 mpo + scaffold_23 No
Mapoly0027s0156 mpo + scaffold_27 No
Mapoly0046s0066 mpo - scaffold_46 No
Mapoly0046s0076 mpo + scaffold_46 No
Mapoly0059s0005 mpo - scaffold_59 No
Mapoly0063s0029 mpo + scaffold_63 No
Mapoly0075s0036 mpo - scaffold_75 No
Mapoly0075s0066 mpo + scaffold_75 No
Mapoly0082s0006 mpo + scaffold_82 No
Mapoly0082s0007 mpo + scaffold_82 No
Mapoly0104s0036 mpo + scaffold_104 No
Mapoly0139s0007 mpo - scaffold_139 No
Mapoly0139s0010 mpo - scaffold_139 No
Mapoly0197s0016 mpo - scaffold_197 No
MCO02G009 mco - Chr_12 No
MCO03G349 mco - Chr_11 No
MCO04G164 mco - Chr_10 No
MCO04G430 mco - Chr_10 No
MCO04G532 mco - Chr_10 No

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