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gene_id species strand chr outlier
EGU0709G0645 egu + NC_026004.1 No
EGU0881G0155 egu + NC_026000.1 No
EGU0881G0716 egu - NC_026000.1 No
EGU1136G0874 egu - NC_025999.1 No
EGU1474G0529 egu - NC_026005.1 No
EGU1634G0138 egu + NC_026001.1 No
EGU1685G0113 egu + NC_025994.1 No
EGU1862G0001 egu - NW_011573269.1 Yes
EGU2621G0590 egu + NC_025997.1 No
EGU2755G0025 egu - NC_026007.1 No
GSVIVG01008148001 vvi - chr17 No
GSVIVG01010502001 vvi + chr1 No
GSVIVG01011612001 vvi - chr1 No
GSVIVG01018749001 vvi + chr4 No
GSVIVG01025920001 vvi - chr18 Yes
GSVIVG01028113001 vvi + chr7 No
GSVIVG01030058001 vvi + chr12 No
GSVIVG01033164001 vvi - chr4 No
GSVIVG01036755001 vvi - chr19 Yes
GSVIVG01036800001 vvi - chr19 Yes

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