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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OsR498G0307222000.01 osaindica - Chr3 No
OsR498G0409326800.01 osaindica - Chr4 No
OsR498G0509823000.01 osaindica - Chr5 No
OsR498G0511051600.01 osaindica - Chr5 No
OsR498G0613129900.01 osaindica + Chr6 No
OsR498G0713649800.01 osaindica - Chr7 No
OsR498G0713666200.01 osaindica - Chr7 No
OsR498G0917409600.01 osaindica - Chr9 No
OsR498G0917954900.01 osaindica + Chr9 No
OsR498G1221308500.01 osaindica + Chr12 No
PAB00000949 pab + MA_101038 Yes
PAB00002113 pab + MA_102049 No
PAB00005170 pab - MA_10389645 No
PAB00007081 pab + MA_10427474 No
PAB00013638 pab - MA_10434223 No
PAB00013639 pab - MA_10434223 No
PAB00023264 pab + MA_139848 No
PAB00026198 pab - MA_164160 No
PAB00026456 pab - MA_165793 No
PAB00026789 pab + MA_167813 No

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