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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PAB00039346 pab + MA_376215 No
PAB00042775 pab - MA_4586106 Yes
PAB00044255 pab - MA_491198 No
PAB00047126 pab - MA_57000 No
PAB00048777 pab - MA_618219 No
PAB00050720 pab - MA_6710836 Yes
PAB00050942 pab + MA_67774 No
PAB00052039 pab - MA_70733 No
PAB00053783 pab + MA_751160 No
PAB00056092 pab + MA_8072473 No
PAB00058486 pab + MA_8606 No
PAB00060953 pab - MA_9044452 No
PAB00062515 pab - MA_92964 Yes
PAB00063159 pab + MA_939912 No
PAB00065785 pab - MA_9869483 No
PEQU_03591 peq - Scaffold000002 No
PEQU_04581 peq - Scaffold000224 No
PEQU_06100 peq - Scaffold000094 No
PEQU_07765 peq - Scaffold000297 No
PEQU_07768 peq + Scaffold000297 No

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