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gene_id species strand chr outlier
MAC01G0811 mac - chrUn_random No
MAC02G0769 mac - chr9 No
MAC03G1122 mac + chr7 No
MAC03G2076 mac + chr7 No
MAC04G0554 mac + chr8 No
MAC04G2862 mac + chr8 No
MAC05G2575 mac - chr5 No
MAC05G2681 mac - chr5 No
MAC06G0638 mac + chr6 No
MAC06G1000 mac - chr6 Yes
MAC06G1134 mac + chr6 No
MAC07G1936 mac - chr3 No
MAC07G2757 mac - chr3 No
MAC08G1919 mac + chr10 No
MAC09G0563 mac - chr4 No
MAC11G0979 mac - chr1 No
Mapoly0036s0136 mpo + scaffold_36 No
Mapoly0061s0030 mpo + scaffold_61 No
OB0086G10030 obr + JH370056.2 No
OB01G44130 obr + 1 No

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