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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PH01000216G0630 ped + PH01000216 Yes
PH01000242G1360 ped + PH01000242 No
PH01000430G0510 ped + PH01000430 No
PH01000524G0850 ped - PH01000524 No
PH01000659G0050 ped + PH01000659 No
PH01000986G0410 ped + PH01000986 No
PH01001070G0190 ped + PH01001070 No
PH01001070G0240 ped + PH01001070 No
PH01001070G0330 ped + PH01001070 Yes
PH01001070G0420 ped + PH01001070 No
PH01001280G0060 ped + PH01001280 No
PH01001397G0220 ped + PH01001397 No
PH01001698G0040 ped + PH01001698 No
PH01001883G0330 ped - PH01001883 No
PH01002018G0330 ped - PH01002018 No
PH01002238G0110 ped + PH01002238 No
PH01002378G0050 ped - PH01002378 No
PH01002396G0160 ped - PH01002396 No
PH01002396G0190 ped - PH01002396 No
PH01002800G0110 ped - PH01002800 No

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