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gene_id species strand chr outlier
MAC04G1470 mac - chr8 No
MAC04G1707 mac + chr8 No
MAC05G1242 mac + chr5 No
MAC07G0130 mac + chr3 No
MAC07G0442 mac + chr3 No
MAC09G0925 mac + chr4 No
MAC09G2587 mac - chr4 No
MAC09G3375 mac - chr4 No
MAC11G0512 mac - chr1 No
MAC12G1160 mac + chr2 No
MAC12G1878 mac - chr2 No
MAC12G1888 mac + chr2 No
Mapoly0003s0255 mpo + scaffold_3 No
Mapoly0004s0258 mpo - scaffold_4 No
Mapoly0004s0260 mpo + scaffold_4 No
Mapoly0004s0261 mpo + scaffold_4 No
Mapoly0009s0081 mpo - scaffold_9 No
Mapoly0021s0004 mpo - scaffold_21 No
Mapoly0021s0114 mpo + scaffold_21 No
Mapoly0022s0189 mpo + scaffold_22 No

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