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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Cre01.g011630 cre + chromosome_1 Yes
Cre01.g011660 cre + chromosome_1 Yes
Cre01.g013100 cre - chromosome_1 Yes
Cre01.g045000 cre - chromosome_1 No
Cre01.g049200 cre - chromosome_1 No
Cre02.g083100 cre - chromosome_2 No
Cre06.g278158 cre + chromosome_6 No
Cre06.g278160 cre - chromosome_6 No
Cre06.g278166 cre + chromosome_6 No
Cre06.g278204 cre + chromosome_6 No
Cre06.g278209 cre - chromosome_6 No
Cre11.g467672 cre - chromosome_11 No
Cre12.g559750 cre - chromosome_12 No
Cre13.g589400 cre - chromosome_13 No
EGU0727G0019 egu + NW_011550906.1 No
EGU0727G0054 egu + NW_011550906.1 No
EGU0727G0073 egu + NW_011550906.1 No
EGU0727G0126 egu + NW_011550906.1 No
EGU0935G1634 egu + NC_025995.1 Yes
EGU1474G0800 egu + NC_026005.1 No

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