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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Mapoly0023s0160 mpo - scaffold_23 No
Mapoly0026s0129 mpo - scaffold_26 Yes
Mapoly0036s0063 mpo + scaffold_36 No
Mapoly0036s0065 mpo + scaffold_36 No
Mapoly0036s0139 mpo - scaffold_36 No
Mapoly0036s0140 mpo - scaffold_36 No
Mapoly0046s0080 mpo + scaffold_46 No
Mapoly0089s0027 mpo - scaffold_89 No
Mapoly0092s0052 mpo + scaffold_92 No
Mapoly0092s0055 mpo + scaffold_92 No
Mapoly0097s0001 mpo + scaffold_97 No
Mapoly0097s0003 mpo - scaffold_97 No
Mapoly0097s0004 mpo - scaffold_97 No
Mapoly0097s0005 mpo - scaffold_97 No
Mapoly0097s0006 mpo - scaffold_97 No
Mapoly0097s0007 mpo + scaffold_97 No
Mapoly0097s0010 mpo - scaffold_97 No
Mapoly0097s0011 mpo + scaffold_97 No
Mapoly0117s0024 mpo + scaffold_117 No
Mapoly0199s0010 mpo - scaffold_199 No

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