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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Bradi3g00967 bdi - Bd3 No
Bradi3g04061 bdi - Bd3 No
Bradi4g04060 bdi + Bd4 No
Bradi4g04077 bdi + Bd4 No
Bradi4g04089 bdi + Bd4 No
Bradi4g04101 bdi + Bd4 No
Bradi4g04109 bdi - Bd4 No
Bradi4g04113 bdi - Bd4 No
Bradi4g04126 bdi + Bd4 No
Bradi4g09457 bdi - Bd4 No
Bradi4g09464 bdi - Bd4 No
Bradi4g09481 bdi - Bd4 No
Bradi4g16682 bdi - Bd4 Yes
Bradi4g28510 bdi - Bd4 No
Bradi4g28531 bdi - Bd4 No
Bradi4g32170 bdi + Bd4 No
Bradi4g45227 bdi + Bd4 No
EGU0336G0011 egu - NW_011550909.1 No
EGU0749G0009 egu - NW_011550994.1 No
EGU0801G0001 egu - NW_011551813.1 No

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