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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Aco014962 aco + LG04 No
Aco017285 aco - LG03 No
Aco017739 aco + LG05 No
Aco024731 aco - LG23 No
Aco029762 aco + scaffold_1612 No
Aco029763 aco - scaffold_1612 No
AT1G19190 ath + Chr1 No
AT1G47480 ath + Chr1 No
AT1G49640 ath - Chr1 No
AT1G49650 ath - Chr1 No
AT1G49660 ath - Chr1 No
AT1G68620 ath + Chr1 No
AT2G03550 ath + Chr2 No
AT2G45600 ath + Chr2 No
AT2G45610 ath + Chr2 No
AT3G05120 ath + Chr3 No
AT3G27320 ath + Chr3 No
AT3G48690 ath - Chr3 No
AT3G48700 ath - Chr3 No
AT3G63010 ath + Chr3 No

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