Paralogs (intra-species colinear regions)

Gene id Description Chromosome Strand Multiplicon
Potri.003G144200No description available.Chr03-View
Potri.001G086700No description available.Chr01+View
Potri.014G100800No description available.Chr14-View

Orthologs (inter-species colinear regions)

Arabidopsis thaliana

Gene id Description Chromosome Strand Multiplicon
AT2G46410CAPRICE (CPC)%3B CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: SANT%2C DNA-binding (InterPro:IPR001005)%2C Homeodomain-like (InterPro:IPR009057)%2C Myb%2C DNA-binding (InterPro:IPR014778)%2C Homeodomain-related (InterPro:IPR012287)%2C MYB-like (InterPro:IPR017877)%2C Myb transcription factor (InterPro:IPR015495)%3B BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: Homeodomain-like superfamily protein (TAIR:AT5G53200.1)%3B Has 2615 Blast hits to 2615 proteins in 179 species: Archae - 0%3B Bacteria - 0%3B Metazoa - 0%3B Fungi - 0%3B Plants - 2602%3B Viruses - 0%3B Other Eukaryotes - 13 (source: NCBI BLink). Nuclear-localized R3-type MYB transcription factor. Positive regulator of hair-cell differentiation. Preferentially transcribed in hairless cells. Moves from atrichoblasts into trichoblast via plasmodesmata in a tissue-specific mode. N-terminus and part of the Myb domain are required for this movement%2C with W76 playing a crucial role. Capability to increase the size-exclusion limit of plasmodesmata. Regulated by WEREWOLF. Homeodomain-like superfamily proteinChr2-View

Elaeis guineensis

Gene id Description Chromosome Strand Multiplicon
EGU0206G1236No description available.NC_025996.1-View
EGU0139G0122No description available.NC_026003.1-View

Solanum lycopersicum

Gene id Description Chromosome Strand Multiplicon
Solyc08g082890.2MYB transcription factor (AHRD V1 **-- D0VYJ9_DIOKA); contains Interpro domain(s) IPR015495 Myb transcription factorSL2.50ch08-View

Vitis vinifera

Gene id Description Chromosome Strand Multiplicon
GSVIVG01019615001No description available.chr2-View
GSVIVG01027182001No description available.chr15+View


Gene id