Paralogs (intra-species colinear regions)

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Orthologs (inter-species colinear regions)

Arabidopsis thaliana

Gene id Description Chromosome Strand Multiplicon
AT3G16190Isochorismatase family protein Isochorismatase family protein%3B FUNCTIONS IN: catalytic activity%3B INVOLVED IN: metabolic process%3B LOCATED IN: cellular_component unknown%3B EXPRESSED IN: 23 plant structures%3B EXPRESSED DURING: 14 growth stages%3B CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Isochorismatase-like (InterPro:IPR000868)%3B BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: nicotinamidase 2 (TAIR:AT5G23230.1)%3B Has 6935 Blast hits to 6933 proteins in 1622 species: Archae - 156%3B Bacteria - 6040%3B Metazoa - 0%3B Fungi - 183%3B Plants - 97%3B Viruses - 0%3B Other Eukaryotes - 459 (source: NCBI BLink).Chr3-View

Phalaenopsis equestris

Gene id Description Chromosome Strand Multiplicon
PEQU_13821No description available.Scaffold000114+View

Populus trichocarpa

Gene id Description Chromosome Strand Multiplicon
Potri.003G051700isochorismatase hydrolase family protein; similar to low similarity to SP|P32400 N-carbamoylsarcosine amidase (EC (N-carbamoylsarcosine amidohydrolase) {Arthrobacter sp}; [ co-ortholog (1of2) of At3g16190, ]Chr03+View
Potri.001G185800No description available.Chr01-View

Solanum lycopersicum

Gene id Description Chromosome Strand Multiplicon
Solyc03g120540.2Isochorismatase hydrolase-like (AHRD V1 ***- Q6K7V7_ORYSJ); contains Interpro domain(s) IPR000868 Isochorismatase-likeSL2.50ch03+View


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