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GO term
fatty acid metabolic process

Cluster overview

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Available child term results

GO term Description Number of clusters
GO:0006633fatty acid biosynthetic process28
GO:0006635fatty acid beta-oxidation4
GO:0006636unsaturated fatty acid biosynthetic process2
GO:0010430fatty acid omega-oxidation2
GO:0010597green leaf volatile biosynthetic process6
GO:0031408oxylipin biosynthetic process52
GO:0042759long-chain fatty acid biosynthetic process2
GO:0042761very long-chain fatty acid biosynthetic process2
GO:0045723positive regulation of fatty acid biosynthetic process18
GO:0046459short-chain fatty acid metabolic process2
GO:1902609(R)-2-hydroxy-alpha-linolenic acid biosynthetic process4

Functional clusters experiments

Exp id Data type Data filter Min genes cluster Max genes cluster Max cluster size E-value Tandems removal
3GOAll GO data.230800.001X
5InterProNo filter applied.230800.001X
6InterProNo filter applied.230800.001V
2GOPrimary GO data only.230800.001V
1GOPrimary GO data only.230800.001X
4GOAll GO data.230800.001V