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The Multiplicon view displays the aligned gene strings of a set of homologous segments.

Multiplicon Information

Multiplicon Id #Species #Segments #Anchorpoints Profile Length
26123 1 2 100 455

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Gene Information

Gene Family Information


Draw mode Segment ordering Species
Species Chromosome First Gene Last Gene
Musa acuminata chr11 MAC10G2553 MAC10G1656
Musa acuminata chr5 MAC05G2053 MAC05G1308

This multiplicon is a lower level multiplicon with child multiplicons, indicating that there are multiplicons with more colinear segments in the same genomic region.
To explore the child multiplicons, view the multiplicon in the table below.

Multiplicon Id #Species #Segments #Anchorpoints Profile Length
26124 1 3 11 71
26128 1 3 9 54
26129 1 3 7 46
26130 2 3 5 61

This multiplicon is not redundant, but is the parent of one or more redundant multiplicons.
To explore these redundant reduced colinear regions, view the redundant multiplicon(s) in the table below.

Multiplicon Id #Species #Segments #Anchorpoints Profile Length
85277 1 2 8 86