Interactive Phylogenetics Module

Gene Family

If more than 50 genes/sequences are provided as input, then the associated running time could be too to stall the browser.
Therefore it is advisable to provide an email-address in case you are running the Interactive Phylogenetics Module with more than 50 genes.
After processing you will be send an email with a link to the created phylogenetic tree.

Include Gene ID Organism
Aco001845 Ananas comosus
Aco002477 Ananas comosus
Aco002987 Ananas comosus
Aco005803 Ananas comosus
Aco009443 Ananas comosus
Aco010779 Ananas comosus
Aco014413 Ananas comosus
Aco018121 Ananas comosus
AT1G23220 Arabidopsis thaliana
AT1G52245 Arabidopsis thaliana
AT3G16120 Arabidopsis thaliana
AT4G15930 Arabidopsis thaliana
AT4G27360 Arabidopsis thaliana
AT5G20110 Arabidopsis thaliana
ATR0315G147 Amborella trichopoda
ATR0564G375 Amborella trichopoda
ATR0693G081 Amborella trichopoda
ATR0693G415 Amborella trichopoda
ATR0730G034 Amborella trichopoda
ATR0796G105 Amborella trichopoda
ATR1156G077 Amborella trichopoda
Bradi2g41020 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi2g50470 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi3g10020 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi3g46970 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi3g56877 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi5g12520 Brachypodium distachyon
Cre03.g181150 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Cre03.g187200 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Cre12.g527800 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
EGU0373G0006 Elaeis guineensis
EGU1136G0842 Elaeis guineensis
EGU1340G0010 Elaeis guineensis
EGU2211G0083 Elaeis guineensis
EGU2441G0321 Elaeis guineensis
EGU2441G1170 Elaeis guineensis
EGU2621G1158 Elaeis guineensis
GSVIVG01008092001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01011685001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01014353001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01014443001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01015372001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01015506001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01017066001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01018666001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01034075001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01035125001 Vitis vinifera
HVU0037G1285 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0038G0076 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0045G0266 Hordeum vulgare
LOC_Os01g15260 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os01g37490 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os01g55510 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os02g16909 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os02g36990 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os02g50020 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g38880 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os06g29690 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
MAC01G0832 Musa acuminata
MAC02G0530 Musa acuminata
MAC02G1898 Musa acuminata
MAC03G0005 Musa acuminata
MAC03G0603 Musa acuminata
MAC03G2552 Musa acuminata
MAC04G2932 Musa acuminata
MAC07G2721 Musa acuminata
MAC08G0490 Musa acuminata
MAC08G2364 Musa acuminata
MAC10G1500 Musa acuminata
MAC11G2387 Musa acuminata
MAC12G0358 Musa acuminata
MAC12G1559 Musa acuminata
Mapoly0014s0201 Marchantia polymorpha
Mapoly0081s0048 Marchantia polymorpha
Mapoly0084s0084 Marchantia polymorpha
MCO01G119 Micromonas commoda
MCO04G086 Micromonas commoda
MCO13G123 Micromonas commoda
OB01G20030 Oryza brachyantha
OB01G29070 Oryza brachyantha
OB01G40600 Oryza brachyantha
OB02G20350 Oryza brachyantha
OB02G29380 Oryza brachyantha
Oropetium_20150105_02567 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_04107 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_09732 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_19106 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_22695 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_25078 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_27705 Oropetium thomaeum
OsR498G0100576100.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0101312200.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0102038900.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0203384900.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0204182200.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0204714800.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0408710000.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0612341000.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
PAB00002040 Picea abies
PAB00011895 Picea abies
PAB00011896 Picea abies
PAB00041239 Picea abies
PAB00044656 Picea abies
PEQU_19645 Phalaenopsis equestris
PEQU_23644 Phalaenopsis equestris
PH01000146G1040 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01000501G0740 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01001166G0100 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01002075G0070 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01002092G0410 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01002704G0080 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01003005G0260 Phyllostachys edulis
Potri.001G124700 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.001G401400 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.001G407900 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.003G052800 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.003G108700 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.004G034000 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G091800 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.008G133000 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.008G219900 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.010G108700 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.011G120400 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.011G126400 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G067800 Populus trichocarpa
Pp3c11_9560 Physcomitrella patens
Pp3c13_8460 Physcomitrella patens
Pp3c20_3493 Physcomitrella patens
Pp3c23_21620 Physcomitrella patens
Pp3c26_11770 Physcomitrella patens
Seita.1G007800 Setaria italica
Seita.1G210200 Setaria italica
Seita.1G310000 Setaria italica
Seita.2G352400 Setaria italica
Seita.5G057400 Setaria italica
Seita.5G195400 Setaria italica
Seita.5G325800 Setaria italica
Seita.7G126100 Setaria italica
SMO145G0273 Selaginella moellendorffii
SMO329G0070 Selaginella moellendorffii
SMO361G0543 Selaginella moellendorffii
SMO365G0002 Selaginella moellendorffii
Sobic.002G338800 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.003G116900 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.003G185300 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.003G303100 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.004G122500 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.004G192700 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.004G248300 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.005G089900 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.006G108500 Sorghum bicolor
Solyc01g005460.2 Solanum lycopersicum
Solyc01g066590.2 Solanum lycopersicum
Solyc03g113540.2 Solanum lycopersicum
Solyc03g120690.2 Solanum lycopersicum
Solyc06g071180.2 Solanum lycopersicum
Solyc07g063180.2 Solanum lycopersicum
Solyc07g063610.2 Solanum lycopersicum
Solyc12g006630.1 Solanum lycopersicum
Solyc12g044240.1 Solanum lycopersicum
Spipo26G0004300 Spirodela polyrhiza
Spipo26G0025200 Spirodela polyrhiza
Spipo2G0022100 Spirodela polyrhiza
Spipo4G0005600 Spirodela polyrhiza
Spipo6G0048500 Spirodela polyrhiza
TAE07526G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE07638G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE16679G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE17379G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE18113G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE18384G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE23679G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE28298G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE28686G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE31162G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE32095G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE32331G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE45084G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE52838G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE52966G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE54407G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE57725G005 Triticum aestivum Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki
Zm00001d003400 Zea mays
Zm00001d008330 Zea mays
Zm00001d009402 Zea mays
Zm00001d016016 Zea mays
Zm00001d016977 Zea mays
Zm00001d017947 Zea mays
Zm00001d040291 Zea mays
Zm00001d043386 Zea mays
Zm00001d050905 Zea mays
Zm00001d051789 Zea mays
Zosma2g03600 Zostera marina
Zosma32g00800 Zostera marina
Zosma50g00700 Zostera marina
Zosma97g00670 Zostera marina
Amborella trichopoda (7 genes)
Ananas comosus (8 genes)
Arabidopsis thaliana (6 genes)
Brachypodium distachyon (6 genes)
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (3 genes)
Elaeis guineensis (7 genes)
Hordeum vulgare (3 genes)
Marchantia polymorpha (3 genes)
Micromonas commoda (3 genes)
Musa acuminata (14 genes)
Oropetium thomaeum (7 genes)
Oryza brachyantha (5 genes)
Oryza sativa ssp. indica (8 genes)
Oryza sativa ssp. japonica (8 genes)
Phalaenopsis equestris (2 genes)
Phyllostachys edulis (7 genes)
Physcomitrella patens (5 genes)
Picea abies (5 genes)
Populus trichocarpa (13 genes)
Selaginella moellendorffii (4 genes)
Setaria italica (8 genes)
Solanum lycopersicum (9 genes)
Sorghum bicolor (9 genes)
Spirodela polyrhiza (5 genes)
Triticum aestivum (17 genes)
Vitis vinifera (10 genes)
Zea mays (10 genes)
Zostera marina (4 genes)
Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki (9 genes)