Interactive Phylogenetics Module

Gene Family

If more than 50 genes/sequences are provided as input, then the associated running time could be too to stall the browser.
Therefore it is advisable to provide an email-address in case you are running the Interactive Phylogenetics Module with more than 50 genes.
After processing you will be send an email with a link to the created phylogenetic tree.

Include Gene ID Organism
Aco014422 Ananas comosus
Aco018136 Ananas comosus
Aco021351 Ananas comosus
Aco025554 Ananas comosus
Aco025555 Ananas comosus
Aco031804 Ananas comosus
AT4G19080 Arabidopsis thaliana
AT4G19090 Arabidopsis thaliana
AT5G45460 Arabidopsis thaliana
AT5G45470 Arabidopsis thaliana
AT5G45480 Arabidopsis thaliana
AT5G45530 Arabidopsis thaliana
AT5G45540 Arabidopsis thaliana
Bradi1g20106 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g30317 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g31538 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g34420 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g42370 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g51158 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g58970 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g59370 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g59470 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g59480 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g74730 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g75241 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g75536 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi1g75542 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi2g00463 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi2g01485 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi2g15200 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi2g15220 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi2g16511 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi2g21160 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi2g21170 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi2g22911 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi2g38631 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi2g52417 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi3g01510 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi3g19933 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi4g03180 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi4g03240 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi4g03250 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi4g10380 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi4g11910 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi4g20868 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi4g24540 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi4g26073 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi4g26119 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi4g37804 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi5g01030 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi5g01050 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi5g01060 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi5g02320 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi5g25061 Brachypodium distachyon
Bradi5g26790 Brachypodium distachyon
EGU0297G0021 Elaeis guineensis
EGU0935G1337 Elaeis guineensis
EGU1502G0007 Elaeis guineensis
EGU2441G2066 Elaeis guineensis
GSVIVG01010800001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01010801001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01010803001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01010804001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01010808001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01010810001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01010816001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01010832001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01010833001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01010837001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01014447001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01014448001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01014449001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01014450001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01014456001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01015712001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01016754001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01016757001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01016759001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01020365001 Vitis vinifera
GSVIVG01020366001 Vitis vinifera
HVU0036G0406 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0036G0554 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0036G1607 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0036G1867 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0036G2505 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0036G2847 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0037G0017 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0037G0557 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0037G0817 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0037G1118 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0037G1337 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0037G1916 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0037G2930 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0037G3490 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0038G1030 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0038G1227 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0041G2537 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0041G3259 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0041G3378 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0041G3557 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0042G0496 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0042G0523 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0042G0584 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0042G1778 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0045G1085 Hordeum vulgare
HVU0263G0047 Hordeum vulgare
HVU1043G0017 Hordeum vulgare
LOC_Os01g24050 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os01g58500 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os01g72380 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os02g14700 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os02g14810 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os02g14870 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g05090 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g05360 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g05400 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g05700 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g05760 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g05770 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06050 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06300 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06500 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06510 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06590 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06700 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06840 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06850 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06900 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06910 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06920 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06970 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g06990 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g07040 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g07110 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g07250 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g08080 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g08190 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g08200 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g12110 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g13590 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os04g14540 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os05g25890 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os05g31710 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os05g46690 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os06g49000 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os07g01520 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os07g01840 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os07g08270 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os07g08290 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os07g15200 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os07g16600 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os07g16740 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os07g16760 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os07g16930 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os07g17050 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os07g26560 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os08g04490 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os08g05370 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os08g05410 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os08g09570 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os08g11500 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os09g38660 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os09g38930 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os10g05300 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os10g05410 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os10g05440 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os10g10480 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os10g11310 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os10g20770 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os10g39570 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os11g15510 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os11g39920 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os11g42030 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os11g42080 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os11g43180 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os12g21940 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
LOC_Os12g40200 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
MAC02G0696 Musa acuminata
MAC02G1280 Musa acuminata
MAC02G1317 Musa acuminata
MAC02G1395 Musa acuminata
MAC02G1513 Musa acuminata
MAC02G2729 Musa acuminata
MAC06G1075 Musa acuminata
MAC11G2019 Musa acuminata
MAC11G2104 Musa acuminata
OB01G13970 Oryza brachyantha
OB01G53320 Oryza brachyantha
OB0235G10020 Oryza brachyantha
OB02G18640 Oryza brachyantha
OB02G18650 Oryza brachyantha
OB02G19260 Oryza brachyantha
OB03G33670 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11460 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11490 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11530 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11540 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11550 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11560 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11570 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11580 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11620 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11630 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11640 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11660 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11670 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11680 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11690 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G11730 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G12990 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G13000 Oryza brachyantha
OB04G13130 Oryza brachyantha
OB05G22570 Oryza brachyantha
OB05G22580 Oryza brachyantha
OB05G22600 Oryza brachyantha
OB05G23240 Oryza brachyantha
OB05G29630 Oryza brachyantha
OB06G23930 Oryza brachyantha
OB07G10450 Oryza brachyantha
OB07G11220 Oryza brachyantha
OB07G18960 Oryza brachyantha
OB08G12640 Oryza brachyantha
OB08G13030 Oryza brachyantha
OB08G13040 Oryza brachyantha
OB08G15560 Oryza brachyantha
OB08G16210 Oryza brachyantha
OB08G16220 Oryza brachyantha
OB08G16230 Oryza brachyantha
OB09G11400 Oryza brachyantha
OB09G11420 Oryza brachyantha
OB09G11430 Oryza brachyantha
OB09G26080 Oryza brachyantha
OB10G15630 Oryza brachyantha
OB10G16430 Oryza brachyantha
OB10G17590 Oryza brachyantha
OB10G17600 Oryza brachyantha
OB11G13720 Oryza brachyantha
OB11G15180 Oryza brachyantha
OB11G15240 Oryza brachyantha
OB11G17020 Oryza brachyantha
OB11G20240 Oryza brachyantha
OB11G20310 Oryza brachyantha
OB11G25630 Oryza brachyantha
OB11G25740 Oryza brachyantha
OB11G27200 Oryza brachyantha
OB12G24350 Oryza brachyantha
Oropetium_20150105_06402 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_18042 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_20573 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_20683 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_21951 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_23777 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_24649 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_25536 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_25645 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_25647 Oropetium thomaeum
Oropetium_20150105_26670 Oropetium thomaeum
OsR498G0100882700.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0102144600.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0102710700.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0203321400.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407531300.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407532800.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407533400.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407538100.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407540200.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407540400.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407545500.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407546000.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407547300.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407547500.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407548200.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407551800.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407560200.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407560400.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407562600.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407564300.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407565100.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407568700.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407569700.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407569900.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407573100.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407573300.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407599800.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0407600700.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0408471700.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0408835200.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0510498300.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0510737300.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0511277800.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0511278000.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0613266700.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0713369900.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0713370100.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0713380800.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0713381000.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0713629900.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0713630600.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0713946300.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0713961500.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0713962600.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0713967500.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0713967700.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0714189800.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0714190000.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0815142500.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0815186900.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0815192200.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0815193700.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0815358900.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0815439900.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0815440100.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0815907300.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0917946400.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G0917954200.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018076100.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018086500.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018086700.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018125700.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018125900.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018129100.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018129900.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018130100.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018293300.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018293500.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018321600.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018516000.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018516200.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1018529200.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1119610400.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1119741000.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1120502500.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1120607800.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1120609300.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1120612400.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1120612600.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1120649600.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1120655200.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
OsR498G1221373000.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica
PEQU_11568 Phalaenopsis equestris
PH01000005G0590 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01000032G1990 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01000058G0780 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01000275G1080 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01000289G0850 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01000724G0520 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01000787G0750 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01000787G0760 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01001191G0450 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01001191G0580 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01001438G0420 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01001442G0230 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01001889G0280 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01001968G0340 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01002145G0090 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01002477G0180 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01003039G0070 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01003039G0150 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01003145G0030 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01003746G0070 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01003750G0040 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01003938G0060 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01004528G0100 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01004733G0080 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01006147G0050 Phyllostachys edulis
PH01081087G0010 Phyllostachys edulis
Potri.001G146800 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.003G064200 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G010900 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G011000 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G011100 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G011200 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G012100 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G012200 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G012400 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G012500 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G012700 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G013300 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G013400 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G013500 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G013600 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.006G013750 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.007G025500 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.007G123100 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.010G154800 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.010G154866 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.010G154932 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.011G003600 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.012G018400 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.012G018500 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.014G030400 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G059200 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G107300 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G107400 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G107500 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G107800 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G107900 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G107950 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G108000 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G112000 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G112101 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G113400 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G113532 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G113600 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G113700 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G113800 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G113950 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G114100 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G114200 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G114800 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G114900 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G115000 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G115100 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G115200 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G115300 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G115800 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G115900 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G116000 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G116100 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G116200 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G116400 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.015G116600 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.016G012400 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.T135600 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.T157600 Populus trichocarpa
Seita.2G054400 Setaria italica
Seita.2G061100 Setaria italica
Seita.2G098900 Setaria italica
Seita.3G088500 Setaria italica
Seita.3G089300 Setaria italica
Seita.3G216000 Setaria italica
Seita.3G357000 Setaria italica
Seita.3G385400 Setaria italica
Seita.4G008700 Setaria italica
Seita.6G025400 Setaria italica
Seita.6G025700 Setaria italica
Seita.6G025900 Setaria italica
Seita.6G026100 Setaria italica
Seita.6G044000 Setaria italica
Seita.6G051000 Setaria italica
Seita.6G051100 Setaria italica
Seita.6G063900 Setaria italica
Seita.6G064100 Setaria italica
Seita.6G064300 Setaria italica
Seita.6G074800 Setaria italica
Seita.7G004500 Setaria italica
Seita.7G014900 Setaria italica
Seita.7G018300 Setaria italica
Seita.7G018600 Setaria italica
Seita.7G018700 Setaria italica
Seita.7G020000 Setaria italica
Seita.8G038000 Setaria italica
Seita.8G038400 Setaria italica
Seita.8G038500 Setaria italica
Seita.8G039000 Setaria italica
Seita.8G047700 Setaria italica
Seita.8G050700 Setaria italica
Seita.8G059000 Setaria italica
Seita.8G059200 Setaria italica
Seita.8G073100 Setaria italica
Seita.8G073200 Setaria italica
Seita.8G116900 Setaria italica
Seita.8G128000 Setaria italica
Seita.8G151700 Setaria italica
Seita.8G158600 Setaria italica
Seita.8G158700 Setaria italica
Seita.8G186500 Setaria italica
Seita.8G189500 Setaria italica
Seita.8G205900 Setaria italica
Seita.8G206000 Setaria italica
Seita.8G206200 Setaria italica
Seita.9G168000 Setaria italica
Seita.9G285200 Setaria italica
Seita.9G297100 Setaria italica
Seita.9G549200 Setaria italica
Seita.J001900 Setaria italica
Seita.J002000 Setaria italica
Seita.J002200 Setaria italica
Seita.J027300 Setaria italica
Sobic.002G004200 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.002G004300 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.002G004400 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.002G064600 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.002G295550 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.003G031600 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.003G070100 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.003G325000 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.005G012700 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.005G012800 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.005G019000 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.005G161000 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.005G161100 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.005G188500 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.005G196600 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.005G198150 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.006G002300 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.006G015000 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.006G015100 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.006G015300 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.006G015400 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.007G030200 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.007G030400 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.007G037700 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.007G038250 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.007G038366 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.007G038432 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.008G014601 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.008G104801 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.008G105100 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.008G121900 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.008G122200 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.008G170250 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.008G170400 Sorghum bicolor
Sobic.010G128200 Sorghum bicolor
Solyc02g069050.1 Solanum lycopersicum
Solyc12g094650.1 Solanum lycopersicum
TAE00008G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE00160G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE00234G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE00416G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE00430G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE00686G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE01048G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE01060G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE01302G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE01510G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE01528G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE01726G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE01874G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE01898G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE01923G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE02486G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE03090G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE03905G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE04248G010 Triticum aestivum
TAE04498G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE04498G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE04501G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE05888G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE05931G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE06246G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE06246G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE06246G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE06246G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE06302G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE07549G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE07674G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE07752G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE07853G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE07891G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE07917G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE07932G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE08039G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE08054G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE08377G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE08699G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE08889G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE08977G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE09403G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE09465G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE09566G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE09836G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE10422G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE10543G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE11004G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE11121G009 Triticum aestivum
TAE11301G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE11325G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE11479G006 Triticum aestivum
TAE11928G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE11994G008 Triticum aestivum
TAE12417G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE12747G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE12974G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE13345G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE13404G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE13666G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE13840G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE14235G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE14458G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE14585G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE14997G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE15370G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE15503G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE15582G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE15983G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE16245G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE16659G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE16714G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE16714G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE16762G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE17476G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE17536G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE17604G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE17731G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE18091G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE18124G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE18155G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE18184G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE18224G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE18268G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE18477G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE18489G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE18523G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE18523G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE18523G006 Triticum aestivum
TAE18544G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE18627G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE18758G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE19143G013 Triticum aestivum
TAE19267G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE19267G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE19348G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE19416G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE19537G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE19684G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE19996G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE20095G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE20095G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE20095G006 Triticum aestivum
TAE20406G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE20722G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE20894G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE21074G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE21331G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE21438G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE21790G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE21846G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE22557G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE22982G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE22984G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE22999G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE23225G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE23951G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE24212G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE24241G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE24427G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE24427G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE24496G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE24985G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE25101G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE25500G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE26053G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE26142G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE26332G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE26332G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE26820G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE27099G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE27111G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE27565G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE27715G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE27836G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE28009G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE28570G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE28704G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE28712G006 Triticum aestivum
TAE28964G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE29114G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE29348G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE29433G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE29507G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE29507G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE29577G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE29614G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE29614G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE29657G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE29661G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE29661G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE29882G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE29952G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE30899G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE31361G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE32077G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE32112G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE32272G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE32571G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE32631G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE32667G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE32759G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE33001G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE33120G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE33152G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE33485G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE33544G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE33637G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE33683G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE33689G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE33718G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE33924G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE34130G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE34130G007 Triticum aestivum
TAE34476G006 Triticum aestivum
TAE34696G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE34846G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE35020G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE35291G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE35963G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE36021G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE36184G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE36403G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE36910G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE37010G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE37225G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE37397G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE37991G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE37991G010 Triticum aestivum
TAE38158G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE38158G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE38158G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE38630G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE38659G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE38862G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE38862G009 Triticum aestivum
TAE39348G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE39348G008 Triticum aestivum
TAE39367G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE39369G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE39595G007 Triticum aestivum
TAE40550G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE40574G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE40655G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE41039G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE41548G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE41590G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE41645G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE42161G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE42200G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE42913G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE43158G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE43480G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE43713G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE43800G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE43894G008 Triticum aestivum
TAE44176G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE44242G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE44277G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE44277G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE44650G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE45015G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE45270G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE45270G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE46006G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE46086G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE46794G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE47247G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE47433G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE47948G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE48258G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE48258G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE48603G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE48603G012 Triticum aestivum
TAE48612G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE48747G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE48955G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE49401G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE49493G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE49741G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE49775G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE49847G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE50037G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE50341G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE50453G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE50600G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE50629G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE50637G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE50637G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE50746G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE50789G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE51407G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE51429G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE51492G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE51492G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE51537G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE51586G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE51939G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE52267G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE52753G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE52812G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE52962G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE53304G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE53304G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE53304G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE53304G006 Triticum aestivum
TAE53477G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE53477G007 Triticum aestivum
TAE53700G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE54238G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE54420G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE54470G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE54470G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE54708G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE54708G005 Triticum aestivum
TAE54801G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE54801G007 Triticum aestivum
TAE54801G008 Triticum aestivum
TAE54811G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE54879G008 Triticum aestivum
TAE54944G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE54944G006 Triticum aestivum
TAE55336G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE55983G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE56055G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE56277G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE56277G002 Triticum aestivum
TAE56411G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE56770G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE56946G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE56946G003 Triticum aestivum
TAE56946G004 Triticum aestivum
TAE57016G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE57252G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE57266G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE57593G001 Triticum aestivum
TAE57768G004 Triticum aestivum Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki
Zm00001d002710 Zea mays
Zm00001d004423 Zea mays
Zm00001d004424 Zea mays
Zm00001d004547 Zea mays
Zm00001d005591 Zea mays
Zm00001d007931 Zea mays
Zm00001d008849 Zea mays
Zm00001d024651 Zea mays
Zm00001d024653 Zea mays
Zm00001d024657 Zea mays
Zm00001d024867 Zea mays
Zm00001d024871 Zea mays
Zm00001d024937 Zea mays
Zm00001d025875 Zea mays
Zm00001d025881 Zea mays
Zm00001d027538 Zea mays
Zm00001d027606 Zea mays
Zm00001d043200 Zea mays
Zm00001d044320 Zea mays
Zm00001d045598 Zea mays
Zm00001d052033 Zea mays
Zm00001d052770 Zea mays
Zm00001d052937 Zea mays
Zm00001d052939 Zea mays
Zm00001d052940 Zea mays
Zm00001d052946 Zea mays
Amborella trichopoda (0 genes)
Ananas comosus (6 genes)
Arabidopsis thaliana (7 genes)
Brachypodium distachyon (42 genes)
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (0 genes)
Elaeis guineensis (4 genes)
Hordeum vulgare (27 genes)
Marchantia polymorpha (0 genes)
Micromonas commoda (0 genes)
Musa acuminata (9 genes)
Oropetium thomaeum (11 genes)
Oryza brachyantha (60 genes)
Oryza sativa ssp. indica (82 genes)
Oryza sativa ssp. japonica (70 genes)
Phalaenopsis equestris (1 genes)
Phyllostachys edulis (26 genes)
Physcomitrella patens (0 genes)
Picea abies (0 genes)
Populus trichocarpa (59 genes)
Selaginella moellendorffii (0 genes)
Setaria italica (54 genes)
Solanum lycopersicum (2 genes)
Sorghum bicolor (35 genes)
Spirodela polyrhiza (0 genes)
Triticum aestivum (298 genes)
Vitis vinifera (21 genes)
Zea mays (26 genes)
Zostera marina (0 genes)
Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki (40 genes)