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gene_id species strand chr outlier
NNU_18566 nnu - megascaffold_3 No
NNU_24369 nnu - megascaffold_15 No
NNU_24370 nnu - megascaffold_15 No
PAB00030860 pab + MA_194331 Yes
PAB00039682 pab + MA_3839 No
PAB00065532 pab - MA_98236 No
Pbr009495.1.g pbr - scaffold16.0 No
Pbr011333.1.g pbr + scaffold18.0 No
Peaxi162Scf01313g00013 pax + Peaxi162Scf01313 No
Potri.008G066000 ptr - Chr08 No
Potri.010G191300 ptr + Chr10 No
Pp3c10_11250 ppa - Chr10 No
Pp3c11_5520 ppa + Chr11 No
Pp3c1_34950 ppa - Chr01 No
Pp3c1_9290 ppa - Chr01 No
Pp3c2_27180 ppa - Chr02 No
Pp3c7_23390 ppa - Chr07 No
Prupe.2G247600 ppe - Pp02 No
RCO.g.29669.000023 rco - 29669 No
TCA.TCM_042570 tca + NC_023616.1 No

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