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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Brara.D02425 bra - A04 No
Brara.E00580 bra + A05 No
Brara.I03831 bra - A09 No
Bv2_024040_gkaf bvu + Bvchr2.sca001 No
C.cajan_19487.g ccaj - CcLG01 No
C.cajan_27909.g ccaj + Scaffold132713 No
Carubv10019166m.g cru - scaffold_5 No
Carubv10025158m.g cru - scaffold_4 No
Ca_10320.g car - Ca6 No
Ca_12499.g car - Ca2 No
Cc02_g06790 ccan + chr2 No
Ciclev10031447m.g ccl - scaffold_4 No
Cla006580.g cla - Chr11 No
COL.COLO4_25636 col + AWUE01019102.1 No
Cpa.g.sc19.206 cpa - supercontig_19 No
Cucsa.136520 csa - scaffold01044 No
DCAR_011797 dca - DCARv2_Chr3 No
Eucgr.G03040 egr - Chr07 No
Eucgr.J00236 egr + Chr10 No
FVE20931 fve - LG7 No

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