Interactive Phylogenetics Module

Gene Family

If more than 50 genes/sequences are provided as input, then the associated running time could be too to stall the browser.
Therefore it is advisable to provide an email-address in case you are running the Interactive Phylogenetics Module with more than 50 genes.
After processing you will be send an email with a link to the created phylogenetic tree.

Include Gene ID Organism
Achn139021 Actinidia chinensis
Achn140961 Actinidia chinensis
AH016368 Amaranthus hypochondriacus
AH023070 Amaranthus hypochondriacus
AL4G37600 Arabidopsis lyrata
AL5G37130 Arabidopsis lyrata
Araip.0D8F4 Arachis ipaensis
Araip.TX94X Arachis ipaensis
Araip.Z9VMD Arachis ipaensis
AT2G40000 Arabidopsis thaliana
AT3G55840 Arabidopsis thaliana
ATR0618G085 Amborella trichopoda
ATR0693G017 Amborella trichopoda
AUR62012225 Chenopodium quinoa
AUR62022857 Chenopodium quinoa
Bo3g034610 Brassica oleracea
Bo4g025670 Brassica oleracea
Bo4g188730 Brassica oleracea
Bo8g090250 Brassica oleracea
Brara.C02045 Brassica rapa
Brara.D02425 Brassica rapa
Brara.E00580 Brassica rapa
Brara.I03831 Brassica rapa
Bv2_024040_gkaf Beta vulgaris
C.cajan_19487.g Cajanus cajan
C.cajan_27909.g Cajanus cajan
Carubv10019166m.g Capsella rubella
Carubv10025158m.g Capsella rubella
Ca_10320.g Cicer arietinum
Ca_12499.g Cicer arietinum
Cc02_g06790 Coffea canephora
Ciclev10031447m.g Citrus clementina
Cla006580.g Citrullus lanatus
COL.COLO4_25636 Corchorus olitorius
Cpa.g.sc19.206 Carica papaya
Cucsa.136520 Cucumis sativus L.
DCAR_011797 Daucus carota
Eucgr.G03040 Eucalyptus grandis
Eucgr.J00236 Eucalyptus grandis
FVE20931 Fragaria vesca
Glyma.02G255400 Glycine max
Glyma.11G228100 Glycine max
Glyma.14G061200 Glycine max
Glyma.18G029300 Glycine max
Gorai.009G322100 Gossypium raimondii
Gorai.011G283600 Gossypium raimondii
Gorai.013G019200 Gossypium raimondii
GSVIVG01032858001 Vitis vinifera
HBR0141G006 Hevea brasiliensis
HBR0839G062 Hevea brasiliensis
LOC_Os01g63690 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
Manes.07G126900 Manihot esculenta
Manes.10G016200 Manihot esculenta
MDO.mRNA.g.3157.13 Malus domestica
MDO.mRNA.g.345.58 Malus domestica
Medtr3g070230 Medicago truncatula
Medtr5g082150 Medicago truncatula
MELO3C008286 Cucumis melo
Migut.F00698 Erythranthe guttata
NNU_03790 Nelumbo nucifera
NNU_18566 Nelumbo nucifera
NNU_24369 Nelumbo nucifera
NNU_24370 Nelumbo nucifera
PAB00030860 Picea abies
PAB00039682 Picea abies
PAB00065532 Picea abies
Pbr009495.1.g Pyrus bretschneideri
Pbr011333.1.g Pyrus bretschneideri
Peaxi162Scf01313g00013 Petunia axillaris
Potri.008G066000 Populus trichocarpa
Potri.010G191300 Populus trichocarpa
Pp3c10_11250 Physcomitrella patens
Pp3c11_5520 Physcomitrella patens
Pp3c1_34950 Physcomitrella patens
Pp3c1_9290 Physcomitrella patens
Pp3c2_27180 Physcomitrella patens
Pp3c7_23390 Physcomitrella patens
Prupe.2G247600 Prunus persica
RCO.g.29669.000023 Ricinus communis
TCA.TCM_042570 Theobroma cacao
THA.LOC104810079 Tarenaya hassleriana
THA.LOC104824309 Tarenaya hassleriana
Tp4g22310 Schrenkiella parvula
Tp5g06640 Schrenkiella parvula
TPR.G2520 Trifolium pratense
UGI.Scf00004.788 Utricularia gibba
Vradi03g08740 Vigna radiata var. radiata
Vradi06g04660 Vigna radiata var. radiata
Zm00001d012321 Zea mays
Zm00001d042811 Zea mays
Actinidia chinensis (2 genes)
Amaranthus hypochondriacus (2 genes)
Amborella trichopoda (2 genes)
Arabidopsis lyrata (2 genes)
Arabidopsis thaliana (2 genes)
Arachis ipaensis (3 genes)
Beta vulgaris (1 genes)
Brassica oleracea (4 genes)
Brassica rapa (4 genes)
Cajanus cajan (2 genes)
Capsella rubella (2 genes)
Capsicum annuum (0 genes)
Carica papaya (1 genes)
Chenopodium quinoa (2 genes)
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (0 genes)
Cicer arietinum (2 genes)
Citrullus lanatus (1 genes)
Citrus clementina (1 genes)
Coffea canephora (1 genes)
Corchorus olitorius (1 genes)
Cucumis melo (1 genes)
Cucumis sativus L. (1 genes)
Daucus carota (1 genes)
Erythranthe guttata (1 genes)
Eucalyptus grandis (2 genes)
Fragaria vesca (1 genes)
Glycine max (4 genes)
Gossypium raimondii (3 genes)
Hevea brasiliensis (2 genes)
Malus domestica (2 genes)
Manihot esculenta (2 genes)
Marchantia polymorpha (0 genes)
Medicago truncatula (2 genes)
Micromonas commoda (0 genes)
Nelumbo nucifera (4 genes)
Oryza sativa ssp. japonica (1 genes)
Petunia axillaris (1 genes)
Physcomitrella patens (6 genes)
Picea abies (3 genes)
Populus trichocarpa (2 genes)
Prunus persica (1 genes)
Pyrus bretschneideri (2 genes)
Ricinus communis (1 genes)
Schrenkiella parvula (2 genes)
Selaginella moellendorffii (0 genes)
Solanum lycopersicum (0 genes)
Solanum tuberosum (0 genes)
Tarenaya hassleriana (2 genes)
Theobroma cacao (1 genes)
Trifolium pratense (1 genes)
Utricularia gibba (1 genes)
Vigna radiata var. radiata (2 genes)
Vitis vinifera (1 genes)
Zea mays (2 genes)
Ziziphus jujuba (0 genes)