Sequence similarity page

This page itemizes the sequence similarity hits for a query gene.
By default, the ordering is done by identity percentage.
Query gene
Number of similarity hits
Gene ID Organism Evalue Bitscore Alignment Length Identity Percentage Homologous gene familyOrthologous gene family
OsR498G1120514400.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica 8.0e-72 272.3 138 100.0 HOM04x5M000164ORTHO04x5M132971
PH01003601G0130 Phyllostachys edulis 2.1e-11 71.6 115 36.5 HOM04x5M000164ORTHO04x5M013441
PH01003601G0190 Phyllostachys edulis 3.6e-08 60.8 112 34.8 HOM04x5M002683ORTHO04x5M005568
LOC_Os11g40180 Oryza sativa ssp. japonica 5.8e-06 53.5 90 32.2 HOM04x5M000236ORTHO04x5M013441
OsR498G1120510900.01 Oryza sativa ssp. indica 9.9e-06 52.8 93 31.2 HOM04x5M000164ORTHO04x5M013441