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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Sspon.03G0027710-2C ssp
Sspon.06G0032720-1C ssp
Sspon.06G0032720-1P ssp
Sspon.06G0032720-2D ssp
Sspon.06G0032720-2P ssp
Potri.012G106000 ptr
Potri.015G105200 ptr
GSVIVG01004940001 vvi
GSVIVG01008637001 vvi
GSVIVG01032998001 vvi
Pgl_GLEAN_10000951 cam
Pgl_GLEAN_10033931 cam
TRITD3Av1G250240 ttu
TRITD3Bv1G242050 ttu
TRITD4Av1G190910 ttu
TRITD4Bv1G015640 ttu
TRITD7Av1G162340 ttu
TRITD7Bv1G120030 ttu
TraesCS3A02G442200 tae
TraesCS3B02G476000 tae

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