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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Seita.7G100100 sit
Seita.9G321600 sit
Seita.9G332800 sit
Seita.9G334400 sit
CALSI_Maker00002219 calsi
CALSI_Maker00005648 calsi
CALSI_Maker00006697 calsi
CALSI_Maker00007130 calsi
CALSI_Maker00009665 calsi
CALSI_Maker00012970 calsi
CALSI_Maker00016245 calsi
CALSI_Maker00016250 calsi
CALSI_Maker00020237 calsi
CALSI_Maker00023493 calsi
CALSI_Maker00025280 calsi
CALSI_Maker00028780 calsi
CALSI_Maker00029516 calsi
CALSI_Maker00029944 calsi
CALSI_Maker00045033 calsi
CALSI_Maker00045474 calsi

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