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gene_id species mapman
AT5G15540 ath
Zm00008a010545 zma-ph207
Zm00008a026675 zma-ph207
Oropetium_20150105_21970 oth
Oropetium_20150105_22008 oth
OB07G10690 obr
PH01000549G0690 ped
PH01001526G0360 ped
PH01001640G0300 ped
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_03.2056.V1.1 aof
OsR498G0713385700.01 osaindica
Bradi1g59325 bdi
ATR0064G076 atr
LP030466 lpe
ASH_gene7576 ash
p5.00_sc00151_p0024 egu
p5.00_sc00306_p0013 egu
p5.00_sc00306_p0017 egu
Sspon.01G0062950-1D ssp
Sspon.02G0018920-1A ssp

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