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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
TraesCS4B02G097600 tae
TraesCS4D02G053300 tae
TraesCS4D02G093900 tae
TraesCS5A02G113500 tae
TraesCS5B02G119800 tae
TraesCS5D02G128700 tae
TraesCS6A02G167800 tae
TraesCS6B02G195400 tae
TraesCS6D02G156700 tae
gene10064 smo
gene15040 smo
gene15322 smo
gene25821 smo
Zosma123g00210 zosmarina
Zosma161g00830 zosmarina
Zosma7g01480 zosmarina
Zosma96g00110 zosmarina
PAB00006176 pab
PAB00006488 pab
PAB00011854 pab

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