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gene_id species strand chr type
PH01000017G2160 ped + PH01000017 coding
PEQU_09314 peq + Scaffold000006 coding
PEQU_09855 peq + Scaffold000240 coding
PEQU_13280 peq + Scaffold000180 coding
PEQU_17496 peq - Scaffold000291 coding
PEQU_08658 peq - Scaffold000511 coding
PEQU_15255 peq + Scaffold000421 coding
PEQU_22706 peq - Scaffold000598 coding
PEQU_09854 peq + Scaffold000240 coding
Pp3s92_70 ppa + scaffold_92 coding
Pp3c23_15810 ppa + Chr23 coding
Pp3c10_15450 ppa - Chr10 coding
Pp3c1_19310 ppa + Chr01 coding
Pp3c24_9100 ppa - Chr24 coding
Pp3c22_18880 ppa - Chr22 coding
Pp3c5_9920 ppa - Chr05 coding
Pp3c23_890 ppa + Chr23 coding
Pp3c24_18820 ppa - Chr24 coding
Pp3c3_2590 ppa + Chr03 coding
Pp3c23_670 ppa + Chr23 coding

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