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gene_id species strand chr type
LP029848 lpe - scaffold_5791_ref0002353 coding
LP018771 lpe + scaffold_2781_ref0029564 coding
LP000959 lpe - scaffold_10465_ref0029861 coding
Ma00_g03850 mac + chrUn_random coding
Ma10_g07900 mac - chr10 coding
Ma10_g07890 mac - chr10 coding
Ma01_g05040 mac - chr01 coding
Ma10_g14640 mac - chr10 coding
Ma06_g35910 mac - chr06 coding
Ma10_g07880 mac - chr10 coding
Ma02_g19540 mac + chr02 coding
Ma05_g12140 mac + chr05 coding
Ma09_g03530 mac + chr09 coding
MCO10G081 mco - Chr_14 coding
MCO16G056 mco - Chr_06 coding
MCO12G378 mco + Chr_13 coding
Mapoly0084s0006 mpo - scaffold_84 coding
Mapoly0010s0086 mpo + scaffold_10 coding
Mapoly0106s0042 mpo - scaffold_106 coding
Mapoly0091s0082 mpo - scaffold_91 coding

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