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gene_id species strand chr type
Pgl_GLEAN_10007040 cam + chr7 coding
Pgl_GLEAN_10035164 cam + chr5 coding
Pgl_GLEAN_10021628 cam + chr2 coding
Pgl_GLEAN_10037820 cam - chr5 coding
Cre05.g239067 cre + chromosome_5 coding
Cre12.g519900 cre - chromosome_12 coding
Cre05.g239100 cre + chromosome_5 coding
Cre03.g176800 cre + chromosome_3 coding
p5.00_sc00097_p0008 egu + EG5.1_Chr4 coding
p5.00_sc00001_p0333 egu - EG5.1_Chr3 coding
p5.00_sc00013_p0040 egu + EG5.1_Chr16 coding
p5.00_sc00196_p0006 egu - p5_sc00196 coding
p5.00_sc00197_p0046 egu + EG5.1_Chr12 coding
p5.00_sc00017_p0168 egu - EG5.1_Chr16 coding
p5.00_sc00099_p0002 egu - EG5.1_Chr14 coding
p5.00_sc00032_p0096 egu - EG5.1_Chr14 coding
HORVU5Hr1G006850 hvu - chr5H coding
HORVU4Hr1G089590 hvu - chr4H coding
HORVU1Hr1G053310 hvu + chr1H coding
HORVU1Hr1G045670 hvu - chr1H coding

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