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gene_id species strand chr type
CALSI_Maker00039217 calsi + scaffold614 coding
CALSI_Maker00019182 calsi - scaffold2132 coding
CALSI_Maker00004256 calsi + scaffold119 coding
CALSI_Maker00012862 calsi - scaffold1669 coding
CALSI_Maker00045140 calsi + scaffold839 coding
CALSI_Maker00038966 calsi + scaffold604 coding
CALSI_Maker00048144 calsi + scaffold96 coding
CALSI_Maker00046052 calsi - scaffold877 coding
CALSI_Maker00015974 calsi - scaffold19 coding
CALSI_Maker00046826 calsi + scaffold905 coding
CALSI_Maker00014129 calsi - scaffold1759 coding
CALSI_Maker00013977 calsi - scaffold1747 coding
CALSI_Maker00016688 calsi + scaffold1951 coding
CALSI_Maker00020637 calsi + scaffold2280 coding
CALSI_Maker00009677 calsi + scaffold1464 coding
CALSI_Maker00020244 calsi + scaffold224 coding
CALSI_Maker00036353 calsi + scaffold517 coding
CALSI_Maker00021578 calsi + scaffold2365 coding
CALSI_Maker00012390 calsi - scaffold1634 coding
CALSI_Maker00046832 calsi + scaffold905 coding

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