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gene_id species strand chr type
TraesCS1D02G211600 tae - chr1D coding
TraesCS4B02G392600 tae - chr4B coding
TraesCS1B02G222400 tae - chr1B coding
TraesCSU02G034000 tae + chrUn coding
TraesCS5D02G031500 tae + chr5D coding
TraesCS5B02G022900 tae + chr5B coding
TraesCS5A02G025100 tae + chr5A coding
TraesCS1A02G173700 tae - chr1A coding
TraesCS1B02G190700 tae + chr1B coding
TRITD5Av1G009960 ttu + chr5A coding
TRITD1Av1G134900 ttu - chr1A coding
TRITD1Av1G111900 ttu - chr1A coding
TRITD1Bv1G128980 ttu - chr1B coding
TRITD1Bv1G112470 ttu + chr1B coding
TRITD5Bv1G008000 ttu + chr5B coding
TRITD5Av1G257300 ttu - chr5A coding
GSVIVG01028865001 vvi - chr16 coding
GSVIVG01028720001 vvi + chr16 coding
GSVIVG01033352001 vvi - chr8 coding
GSVIVG01033555001 vvi + chr8 coding

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