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gene_id species strand chr type
Solyc06g051900.2 sly + SL2.50ch06 coding
gene35885 smo + NW_003314404.1 coding
gene30760 smo - NW_003314347.1 coding
gene7721 smo + NW_003314269.1 coding
gene852 smo - NW_003314261.1 coding
gene8136 smo + NW_003314269.1 coding
gene32722 smo - NW_003314363.1 coding
gene29954 smo + NW_003314342.1 coding
gene9611 smo - NW_003314272.1 coding
gene25554 smo + NW_003314318.1 coding
gene16703 smo - NW_003314288.1 coding
gene1317 smo - NW_003314261.1 coding
gene93 smo + NW_003314261.1 coding
gene850 smo - NW_003314261.1 coding
gene34127 smo - NW_003314378.1 coding
gene13859 smo + NW_003314281.1 coding
gene26313 smo - NW_003314321.1 coding
gene26309 smo - NW_003314321.1 coding
gene34055 smo - NW_003314377.1 coding
gene440 smo - NW_003314261.1 coding

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