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gene_id species strand chr type
Aco011760 aco - LG08 coding
Aco013294 aco + LG24 coding
Aco010714 aco - LG10 coding
Aco010253 aco + LG25 coding
Aco016849 aco + LG04 coding
Aco015657 aco - LG19 coding
Aco019296 aco + LG03 coding
Aco002379 aco - LG04 coding
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_05.1482.V1.1 aof + AsparagusV1_05 coding
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_08.3611.V1.1 aof - AsparagusV1_08 coding
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_05.3001.V1.1 aof - AsparagusV1_05 coding
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_05.14.V1.1 aof - AsparagusV1_05 coding
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_07.2214.V1.1 aof - AsparagusV1_07 coding
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_07.2213.V1.1 aof - AsparagusV1_07 coding
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_Unassigned.219.V1.1 aof + AsparagusV1_Un95 coding
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_02.1752.V1.1 aof - AsparagusV1_02 coding
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_01.2651.V1.1 aof + AsparagusV1_01 coding
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_Unassigned.218.V1.1 aof + AsparagusV1_Un95 coding
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_01.1626.V1.1 aof - AsparagusV1_01 coding
ASH_gene974 ash - KZ451886.1 coding

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