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gene_id species strand chr type
PH01000674G0260 ped - PH01000674 coding
PH01001009G0200 ped + PH01001009 coding
PEQU_00877 peq - Scaffold000002 coding
Pp3c10_11790 ppa + Chr10 coding
Potri.006G225500 ptr + Chr06 coding
Sobic.001G474400 sbi + Chr01 coding
Seita.3G344900 sit - scaffold_3 coding
Solyc01g087650.2 sly + SL2.50ch01 coding
gene8752 smo + NW_003314270.1 coding
gene4235 smo - NW_003314265.1 coding
Spipo21G0022900 spo - pseudo21 coding
Sspon.01G0005020-2B ssp + Chr1B coding
Sspon.01G0005020-1A ssp - Chr1A coding
Sspon.01G0005020-3D ssp - Chr1D coding
TraesCS5A02G095100 tae - chr5A coding
TraesCS5D02G107800 tae - chr5D coding
TraesCS5B02G101300 tae - chr5B coding
TRITD5Bv1G048250 ttu - chr5B coding
TRITD5Av1G052480 ttu - chr5A coding
GSVIVG01035413001 vvi - chr4 coding

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