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gene_id species strand chr type
HORVU7Hr1G096270 hvu + chr7H coding
HORVU5Hr1G012090 hvu + chr5H coding
HORVU1Hr1G013600 hvu + chr1H coding
HORVU3Hr1G078470 hvu + chr3H coding
LP035182 lpe + scaffold_778_ref0042896 coding
LP029087 lpe - scaffold_5522_ref0025312 coding
LP029874 lpe - scaffold_5800_ref0047296 coding
LP031689 lpe - scaffold_6433_ref0002945 coding
LP001355 lpe - scaffold_10668_ref0023488 coding
LP012001 lpe - scaffold_176_ref0043339 coding
LP012622 lpe - scaffold_1838_ref0004522 coding
LP022815 lpe - scaffold_3723_ref0043836 coding
LP008086 lpe - scaffold_14586_ref0006025 coding
LP019922 lpe - scaffold_3037_ref0025557 coding
LP036169 lpe + scaffold_8213_ref0010077 coding
LP021956 lpe - scaffold_3519_ref0019551 coding
LP026082 lpe - scaffold_4609_ref0042621 coding
LP022741 lpe - scaffold_3705_ref0031332 coding
Ma06_g17090 mac + chr06 coding
Ma02_g23960 mac - chr02 coding

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