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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OsR498G0407745900.01 osaindica + Chr4 No
PAB00032171 pab + MA_207440 Yes
PAB00035948 pab - MA_294339 No
PAB00038795 pab + MA_36328 Yes
PAB00041133 pab - MA_418299 No
PAB00056947 pab + MA_8271260 No
PEQU_01468 peq - Scaffold000002 No
PEQU_01825 peq - Scaffold000002 No
PEQU_01922 peq - Scaffold000002 No
PH01001508G0150 ped - PH01001508 No
PH01001849G0270 ped - PH01001849 No
Pgl_GLEAN_10028515 cam + chr5 No
Pgl_GLEAN_10028516 cam + chr5 No
Potri.001G442900 ptr - Chr01 No
Potri.011G154000 ptr + Chr11 No
Pp3c11_18680 ppa + Chr11 No
Pp3c7_5040 ppa - Chr07 No
Seita.7G040600 sit + scaffold_7 No
Sobic.006G021700 sbi - Chr06 No
Solyc02g030100.2 sly + SL2.50ch02 No

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